Nevada Leaders Oppose Question 2

“As Governor and a former Federal Judge, I have seen first-hand the negative effects that marijuana for recreational purposes can have on our state and our communities.  Proponents of this measure claim it will help education, it will not. What it will do is create health and safety problems that Nevada cannot afford.  Legalizing marijuana would have devastating consequences for our state and for Nevada families and I would ask that voters join with me and Vote No on 2 when they head to the polls this fall.” – Governor Brian Sandoval

“As a father and grandfather, I’ve always been fearful of both the immediate and long-term effects of recreational marijuana usage. It has the potential to be very dangerous. It can, and frequently does, lead to reckless and careless behavior. Unlike medical marijuana, I have serious concerns on whether or not the benefits of recreational marijuana outweigh the drawbacks. That’s why I stand against the use of recreational marijuana,” – U.S. Senator Dean Heller

“As Nevada’s top law enforcement officer, I am strongly opposed to Ballot initiative 2 that would allow recreational marijuana in Nevada.  As Attorney General, my biggest concern is the safety and health of all Nevadans.  Colorado’s similar ballot measure legalizing marijuana has brought foreign cartel activity to their state, increased marijuana related road fatalities by 32%, doubled pot related visits to the ER by children and increased by five times the number of calls to poison control.  For these reasons, law enforcement all across the state of Nevada are opposed to this measure because it will make our communities and our children less safe.  We do not need to make the same grave mistake Colorado has made and I urge all Nevadans to vote no on question 2.” – Attorney General Adam Laxalt

“The effects that recreational marijuana would have on Nevada’s public safety and wellbeing are disturbing. Colorado has tried the recreational marijuana experiment and it has failed.  Children are ingesting edibles, disguised in colorful packaging, at an alarming rate.  Police and first responders are finding increased drugged driving accidents, with a significant increase in fatalities.  And Colorado schools are seeing no benefits.  Nevada voters must decide if they want to go down this path, or cast a “No” ballot on Question 2 and protect our children and keep Nevadans safe.”  – Lt. Governor Mark Hutchison

“As a physician, I support access to medical marijuana, including for veterans in states where it is legal. However, I have public safety reservations about legalizing the drug for recreational use. As someone who has worked closely with local and federal law enforcement, I am concerned about the difficulty of testing whether individuals are under the influence, as well as the ability to keep minors away from the products, including edibles. That is why I am joining the growing list of law enforcement and bipartisan voices in opposition to Ballot Initiative 2.” – Congressman Joe Heck

“I’ll be voting no on Question 2 in the coming election. While I respect the will of the people, and will abide by the results, the widespread data from the DEA and states like Colorado and Washington paints a clear picture of increased personal injury and death risk, particularly on our roadways and particularly for our young adult population.  While we continue to face challenges in death with intoxicated drivers, to now add impaired drivers to the mix is not, in my view, a good thing to do. Additionally, after decades of effort to highlight the negative effects of cigarette smoke, it’s a bit confounding to now seek to make it easier to obtain and smoke another mind altering substance.” – Congressman Mark Amodei

“I have seen how drug abuse has impacted our community. It ruins lives.  By making marijuana use legal, we would only be making the problem worse.  That is why I’ll be voting no on 2.” – Congressman Cresent Hardy

“As a former State Legislator, Attorney General and Governor I care deeply about the health and welfare of my fellow Nevadans. As a State Senator in the 60’s and 70’s I recognized that the penalty for possessing small amounts of marijuana was too harsh and I supported a reduction of those penalties. I support the medicinal use of marijuana with a doctor’s prescription. I do not support proposition #2 which would legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The health risks, public safety issues and unknown costs of legalization of marijuana are too great. I can find no compelling public policy to support legalization of recreational marijuana and potential damage to our State’s economy. I hope all Nevadans will take the time to learn of the dangerous side-effects and join me in voting no on question #2.” – Richard Bryan, Former Nevada AG, State Senator, Governor and US Senator.

“I have spent my life working for the betterment of our great state.  As a former District Attorney, Attorney General and Governor, I know if recreational marijuana were to become legal our state would suffer immeasurable repercussions and public safety issues.  Luckily, this is a situation we can avoid, I believe as the public begins to realize all the issues that arise with legalization they will vote no on 2.” – Former Governor Robert List

“I am alarmed by the harmful side effects that recreational marijuana would have on our citizens.  Research has shown that teenage marijuana use leads to a permanent drop in IQ between the first puff and early middle age, while using marijuana also increases the risk of using hard drugs such as cocaine, meth, and heroin.  We cannot afford to go down this path.  I will be voting No on 2 and I urge others to do the same.” – Clark County Commissioner Mary Beth Scow

“As a mayor, I understand the problems increased drug usage causes in our community.  Public safety is my main concern and recreational marijuana has proven to have a strong negative effect on the safety of a community.  In the first year pot was available at retail stores in Colorado, crashes where a driver involved tested positive for some amount of marijuana were up thirty-two percent.  To keep our community safe, I would urge all voters to vote No on 2.” – Henderson Mayor Andy Hafen

“As a city council member, I am proud of the city we have built and the progress we have made.  However, I am concerned about the effects recreational marijuana will have on Las Vegas.  As a grandmother, I am deeply concerned about the child friendly packaging of edibles. I know that many of our children will end up ingesting these dangerous items because we’ve seen it happen in states that have already legalized marijuana. Research by highly respected institutions has shown the damage marijuana can cause on the developing brain.  I hope Las Vegans will do the responsible thing, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, and vote No on 2.” – Las Vegas City Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian

“As a father of 4, a native Nevadan, and the chief law enforcement officer for Washoe County, I have deep concerns with ballot question 2, the legalization of marijuana’s recreational use.  In Colorado since legalization, the number of pot related ER visits for children under nine has doubled and there has been a 32% increase in pot related fatalities on roadways.  For the health, safety, and security of our communities I will be voting No on 2 in November.” – Washoe County District Attorney Chris Hicks

As the Sheriff of Washoe County, I urge everyone to vote against legalizing recreational pot for the sake of our communities.  If marijuana is legalized, law enforcement across the state will see drug driving become just as common as drunk driving.  We do not need another harmful substance legalized that will further jeopardize the security of our citizens and create more victims in its destructive path.  Please vote NO on 2.” – Washoe County Sheriff Chuck Allen

“As a former District Attorney I’ve seen first-hand the devastating effect recreational drug use has on our community.  Legalizing marijuana and edible marijuana candy will put dangerous drugs within reach of our kids and simply cannot be allowed.  I am opposed to question 2 and will be voting No against legalizing pot in Nevada this November.” –  Former Clark County District Attorney David Roger

“Nevada’s future success depends on a better education system and a well-prepared workforce. Commercializing marijuana and trying to turn the Vegas Strip into the “Amsterdam of the West,” will harm both efforts. Question 2 is bad for Nevada’s children, bad for Nevada’s schools, and bad for Nevada’s economy. Join me in protecting Nevada’s future. I’m voting NO on Question 2.” – Pat Hickey, Nevada State Board of Education

“I am opposed to recreational or retail marijuana.  What we have learned and know from Colorado’s experience is crime is up in every category.  Teen use is exploding.  Traffic accidents are higher with greater consequences.  Babies are being born with marijuana in their systems.  Children easily get laced gummy bears.  Hospital admissions are up.  Schools in Denver have receive exactly “zero” in tax revenue.  The black market is very much alive and well … even better than before legalization.  Police are spending added time on marijuana related issues not less.  Why, tell me why, on earth we covet these irrational and brainless outcomes?  Let’s work on our current needs without creating a new constellation of repercussions and desperations.” – Assemblyman Randy Kirner

“Marijuana use and possession is still illegal under federal law.  Further, NRA members hold privileged, non-restricted gaming licenses and the Nevada Gaming Control Board (GCB) has expressed concerns about licensees participating in the marijuana industry.   As gaming license is a privilege in Nevada and licensees are held to very strict standards, the NRA is opposed passage of Question 2.” – Nevada Resort Association

“As a man of deep faith I believe it is our moral imperative to vote against issue 2. Legalized marijuana would bring destruction to our communities and harm to our children.  I would ask that all Nevadans vote no on 2 this fall.” – Kevin White, Executive Director, Nevada Baptist Convention

“As a pet lover and owner, I was saddened to learn that every month, veterinarians across Colorado are treating overdose symptoms of marijuana in hundreds of dogs.  Due to the potent smell of marijuana, dogs are easily finding their owner’s stash and edibles in public places.  We simply cannot have this harmful substance legalized. I urge all pet owners to think about their beloved animals and vote no on Question 2.”   – Assemblywoman Jill Dickman

“The Nevada State Medical Association, the state’s largest physician-led advocacy group, voted at its annual meeting to formally oppose state Ballot Question 2 entitled “Initiative to Regulate and Tax Marijuana” which provides for the legalization of recreational marijuana.” – Nevada State Medical Association

“Passage of the marijuana industry-written initiative would lead to a near certain increase in impaired drivers and fatal car crashes and would increase access and exposure to marijuana for Nevada children, teens and some the most vulnerable in our communities, resulting in more drug abuse and addiction.”- Nevada District Attorney’s Association

“The Nevada Chapter of Associated General Contractors is opposed to the legalization of recreational marijuana. The safety of employees is paramount on any job site and is why our members adhere to a strict drug-free workplace. Legalizing marijuana potentially puts employees at greater risk.” – Associated General Contractors, Nevada Chapter


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